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July 3 - August 2, 2014


Betty Merken: Gravity and Whispers: Paintings and Monotypes
Geoffrey Pagen: New Works

First Thursday July 3, 2014
First Thursday Hours, 5-8pm

Please join us for an artist talk with Betty Merken Saturday July 19th at 11:00

Betty Merken

Betty Merken
Palimpest 08-13-06 - 2013
oil on canvas

60 x 76 inches

Betty Merken
In Gravity and Whispers, an exhibition of recent paintings and prints by Betty Merken, the Seattle artist continues to explore color, structure and gesture, while also breathing new life into her vernacular as an abstract painter and printmaker. This show presents large and medium scale canvases and a range of color field monotypes. Merken’s paintings recall and distill colors and surfaces she has recorded with gouache and digital photography during fellowships in Italy. She is inspired by what she calls “accidental paintings” that she discovers on Italian walls, with their layers of faded frescoes and weather drips and stains, all accumulated and built up over decades and centuries. She notes that “the properties of paint are inexhaustible, with vast ranges of density, transparency, opacity, and flexibility, and I am driven in my studio practice to investigate, to understand, and to invent…images that reflect my sensibilities and vision.” The work that results from Merken’s artistic practice are lush and captivating, with wide swaths of color, punctuated by drips and distilled geometric forms, all coalescing to create paintings and prints that entice viewers in and offer rich rewards

More examples by Betty Merken

Geoffrey Pagen

Geoffrey Pagen
Devil's Kitchen
18 x 8 x 2 inches

Geoffrey Pagen
Geoffrey Pagen approaches clay with passion and a deep respect for the challenges inherent in his medium. His love of nature is reflected in work that retains the primal power of the California coasts and mountains where he grew up and often continues to find his inspiration. Pagen’s extensive experience with glazing and raku allows him to deftly choreograph the unpredictability of his medium. His active process combines cuneiforms, drawing, and geometric and organic forms with translucent, opaque, and iridescent glazing. The clay slabs develop into provocative single steles or modular elements of continuing and interlocking design. Pagen’s aesthetics and skill create modern interpretations of a primeval material in work that strikingly evokes the natural world that inspired it.

More examples by Geoffrey Pagen

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